In order to be members of ARC, both parents are required to attend a Member Orientation Meeting with a member(s) of the ARC board.  The purpose is to clarify the goal of ARC, the benefits received, and the responsibilities inherent in being active members of ARC.  Parents will receive clear written information at the beginning of the year.  This will promote having a successful year of learning and growing together as club and community in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Most club communication is via Yahoo groups.  Members can join our Yahoo groups by requesting here (students) and here (parents).  ARC registration form can be downloaded here.

General requirements are listed below:

  • Agree to our Statement of Faith. This is an ARC requirement, not an NCFCA requirement.  Although NCFCA  is a Christian home school organization (viz. the leadership is distinctly Christian), one is not required to be a believer to compete in NCFCA tournaments.  If you do not believe that Jesus is Lord, ARC welcomes you to compete in NCFCA, attend our workshops, and visit our club meetings from time to time.  May we respectfully recommend other clubs to you.
  • Join NCFCA as an affiliate. Although you may wait until the winter dead-line to register, you might miss out on the early bird discount.
  • Be active in Apologetics all season if you are over 12 years-old.  If you are younger than 12, you may be active in Apologetics, but it is not mandatory.
  • In addition to Apologetics, enter in at least one individual event per tournament.