The ARC (Austin Rhetoric Club) is parent sponsored & student run. Our vision is to promote leadership among youth, while still maintaining parental involvement. ARC has both a board of directors, which is composed of a few parents, and a board of officers, made up of students who are given more specific responsibilities.

“Let no one look down on your youthfulness, but rather in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity, show yourself an example of those who believe.”

~1 Timothy 4:12

Current Board of Directors

Bill and Liz Morgan
Joe and Niesha Hootman
Mark and Cherri McIlheran
Brian and Julia Russell
Dale and Sandra Amason

2019-2020 Officers

President:  Catherine R
Vice President: Jala B
Secretary: Emma W
Treasurer: Nathan S
Librarian: Jeremiah M
Male Chaplain:  Reese P
Female Chaplain: Jennifer P
Evidence Ring Master: Josiah C
Photographer: Sofia T, John M
Sergeant at Arms: Malachi C, Hannah P, Charlotte R
Hospitality: Caroline R

What is an Officer?

Officers are the students leaders of the club. They are each responsible for a specific function of ARC. All officers must be committed and attend regularly, for obvious reasons. Certain positions require extra commitment, and those are noted. Every officer must deliver a speech on election night to be elected. The President will call meetings and officers should attend. Each officer will serve for a one year term, and can also be reelected to that office. If at all possible, each position should be held by a separate person.


  • Coordinate with ARC Board members and parent coaches to create an overall plan for club member educational opportunities in speech and debate in keeping with the mission statement of ARC and NCFCA
  • Lead weekly ARC club meetings
  • Plan and coordinate officer meetings
  • Work with parent leadership to plan and lead special events such as new member workshop, economics workshop, club parties and end of year banquet
  • Work with the Vice President to identify needed areas for organization and growth within the club
  • Delegate duties to other officers and provide accountability
  • Demonstrate effective communication with adult leadership, students and special guests
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the club’s mission


  • Be very committed to the club
  • Be in high school
  • Returning club member

Vice President

  •  Assists the president in executing his/her responsibilities
  • Works closely with the president in encouraging a positive club atmosphere
  • Coordinates speech preparation and speech presentation room assignments; assigns parent coaches to speech event rooms for purposes of giving feedback to students
  • Leads club meetings in the event of the president’s absence
  • Coordinates time and place for club group photo at tournaments
  • Writes club thank you notes
  • Arranges end of year appreciation gifts for parent coaches


  • Same as with President
  • Needs to work well with the President


  •  Takes detailed notes for officer meetings and relays notes to officers and parent leadership
  • Generates club rosters
  • Creates, distributes and stores name tags for club members, especially at the start of a new club year
  • Generates and organizes handouts for workshop folders
  • Creates signs for speech preparation and presentation rooms
  • Arranges for parent appreciation at End of Year Banquet
  • Assist Treasurer in recording payments for items such as pizza order


  • Good at taking notes
  • Returning club member
  • Eighth grade or above


  • Works with parent leadership to determine budget needs for officers such as secretary, librarian, chaplain, hospitality, etc.
  • Communicates to officers their allotted budget for their specific responsibilities
  • Maintains detailed expense ledger
  • Accepts receipts from officers and keeps track of expenses
  • Works with parent leadership to give out reimbursements for club expenses
  • Announces opportunities for love offering to our host church
  • Collects love offering and gives to parent leadership for deposit
  • Informs club members of future tournament expenses


  • Good with math and money
  • Very committed to the club
  • Returning club member
  • Eighth grade or above

Chaplain (Male/Female)

  • Encourages club members to focus on Jesus Christ as they address issues from a Biblical worldview in a manner that glorifies God
  • Leads club meetings in prayer
  • When appropriate, leads devotions or engages others to lead devotions
  • Maintains a list of prayer requests
  • Seeks to assist club members in ministering to each other in various ways (meals for families when there is illness, packages and cards for a parent deployed overseas, cards, etc.)
  • Works with President and Vice President to maintain club unity and fellowship


  • Committed believer in Jesus Christ with spiritual leadership qualities
  • Ninth grade or above


In the digital world, ARC is utilizing a lot of Internet technology. The webmaster is in charge of making sure this runs smoothly so that ARCers can easily communicate with each other and with those who are interested in what we’re doing. Specific sites on the web involve:

  1. Intra-club Communication
  2. Extra-club Communication
  3. Debate and Apologetics: Evidence Sharing (working with the ERM on this one)


  • Good technological know-how
  • Consistent Computer access
  • Dedication to the club
The Webmaster must work through the summer following his/her term.

Evidence Ring Master

Is usually shortened to ERM. The ERM is in charge of evidence, as hard as that may be to believe. He/she should facilitate the club’s collaboration on research, encouraging students to stay on time with assignments and maintain the highest quality possible. (There may be a different ERM for Team Policy and Lincoln Douglas.)


  • Evidence and technology skills
  • Committed to the club
  • Returning club member
  • Eighth grade or above

Sergeant at Arms

  • Must be able to arrive early for facility set up
  • Coordinates the facilities set-up and tear down
  • Assigns club members to areas of the facility to ensure that all areas are clean before everyone leaves
  • Coordinates with the Hospitality officer to determine needed chairs and tables for meetings and special events


  • Must be a regular attendant
  • Sixth grade or above
  • Needs leadership capabilities


  •  Keep a list of internet links for example speeches of various kinds
  • Constantly check on teaching events offered by NCFCA and announce their topic and date to club members
  • Store club items such as the ARC flag, tournament tabletop paraphernalia, and time pieces and transport to special events and tournaments
  • Work with Treasurer if there is a book order


  • Returning student
  • Must have storage and transportation ability
  • Eighth grade or above


  • Communicates with president regarding calendar of club meal times, designating which dates are brown bag, potluck, or pizza
  • Purchases club meal paper goods, decorations, etc. for meal times and special events
  • Organizes meal sign ups if used for potluck


  • Seventh grade or above


  • Document club meetings, events, and tournaments through photographs and videos
  • Create slide shows for club events when necessary


  • Own a camera