NCFCA Affiliation

To ARC Parents, Alumni and Students,

The ARC board decides how to handle the issues in
preparation for the upcoming season.

We feel the Lord’s leading to remain affiliated with NCFCA, which has
served us well through the years.

ARC will not be associated with Stoa in the foreseeable future.
However, we on the ARC board know many of the leaders of Stoa, and
have the highest respect for them. Those ARCers who are interested
in pursuing Stoa events may wish to do so instead of, or in
addition to being in ARC. Our requirement that members of ARC
commit to a minimum of two NCFCA tournaments will remain in effect.

So ARC will continue to be ARC, and teach the events that NCFCA
uses. If your family decides to go solely with Stoa, we hope that
God’s richest blessings follow you as you continue to raise your
children in the fear and admonition of the Lord.

As questions arise, feel free to contact anyone on the ARC board.
We will be happy to talk with you.

Thanks for all your prayers and support.
The ARC Board

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