In order to become members of ARC, both parents are required to attend New Member Orientation and meet with members of the ARC board.  The purpose of this meeting is to clarify the goals of ARC, the benefits received, and the responsibilities inherent in being active members. This will promote having successful years of learning and growing together as a club and community in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Please fill out the following two forms and bring with you to the New Member Orientation:

General requirements are listed below:

  • Agree with our Statement of Faith. If you cannot affirm our Statement of Faith, may we respectfully recommend other clubs to you.
  • The required non-refundable club membership fee is $125 per family per year.
  • Join NCFCA as an affiliate. Although you may wait until the winter deadline to register, you might miss out on the early bird discount.  The NCFCA affiliation fee is approximately $125-$150 per family.
  • Parents are expected to attend club meetings, learn alongside their children, critique speeches, judge debates, teach, and offer encouragement.  When the club sponsors tournaments or workshops, parents also volunteer with tasks pertaining to these events.
  • All students are required to attend Apologetics lessons at club meetings, since a core value of ARC is to teach the students to accurately defend the biblical worldview.
  • All senior competitors are required to compete in 1 or more speech or debate events in at least 2 tournaments every season.